Drivers hours app offering you best scenario suggestions.

About Us

We are three people committed to the development of the Haulage Support iPhone app “Ask Simon”, born from the initial concept thought of by Andy Proctor to help with the drivers hours regulations here in the UK.

Andy did casual driving for friends covering holiday and sickness and struggled to work out the drivers hours regulations.  He would have to phone his friend, Simon Tarrant (AKA Popeye) to ask what he should and shouldn’t do.  As a previous creator of an iPhone app for the solar renewable energy industry, Andy understood that it was possible to create an app that could do what Simon did, with precise rules working to VOSA regulations.

With the app being created by ‘a driver’ with a need for a problem to be fixed, it will do the very job it was intended for.  The app has only been possible due to commercial investment in Andy’s idea and the strength of the investment company’s resources, understanding and involvement in the haulage industry.

Being based in Ipswich, close to the Port of Felixstowe, means access to a pool of drivers that can test the app and give feedback.  The app itself has a feedback option to ensure that the team get continuous feedback from everyone that downloads it.

We are a very grounded and level headed team working closely with the same direction and vision in mind for the app and look forward to the ongoing development and updates.

Screen Shot from 2012 DevelopmentThe app’s release was slow and development has been held up due to the complexity of the tasks that the app has to do, but this has ensured it will be the best on the market and pay for itself within one week of purchase in hours saved, let alone diesel costs and the end to infringements on driver hours for every driver that downloads it.  We are very happy with what it does so far and look forward to feedback from users of the app itself.

Haulage Support is registered with Companies House, based in Ipswich and Ask Simon is the name of the app not the name of the company.  All correspondence and inquiry details are shown on the contact us page.

Thank you for reading. To register interest as to when the app will be on iTunes, please apply online and be one of the first to know!