Drivers hours app offering you best scenario suggestions.

iPhone app

We have all seen the timers and attempts at drivers hours tools that you can buy, but we are very sure that this is the best serving tool for you, the driver adhering to the UK drivers hours. This is the ultimate and clever “all knowing drivers hours regulations calculator” that gives you live options to choose, as well as record keeping should you so wish.


Drivers are returning thinking they are out of time not realising they have time left.  Or drivers are getting infringements not knowing when they have actually driven – An iPhone has the apparatus to record this…


    • Do you know when you started this morning?
    • When you stopped for an hour did you push break?
    • When you stopped to take a call, did that come off your driving hours?
    • What is the earliest you can legally start tomorrow morning?
    • If you do a split rest this afternoon, how long can you drive this evening?
    • For your next break can you get away with fifteen minutes or do you need a full forty five?
    • Can you take a thirty minute break, then a fifteen minute break after four and a half hours or not?


There are CPC holders, H.R. and operators that do not actually know the answers.


Drivers Hours Time SheetAn end to working out mind-blowing rules and times and end to infringements for getting it wrong.  You can now use the full scope of your allowance every single week.

Extend your day, finish now and see what time you can start in the morning, take a split rest and see the new scenario as a result.  It will remind you to push break or other work when you stop and alert you a few minutes before you can move off.  Record your hours to send to the boss (if you wish) or email to your wife if she is your bookeeper!

Buying the app now means ongoing updates are free and none of your details are shared with anyone.  More versions are coming out with expansions and updates with some clever stuff we haven’t even thought of yet!