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February testing 2014

Posted by admin on January 15th, 2014 at 3:29 pm

We have finally got to the final testing stage for the Ask Simon app for the UK truck timer app that does so much more.  It’s this ‘so much more’ that has caused the delays with the release of the app’.  We needed to make sure that it is 100% before we send it out to a very critical market place – the UK truck driver.  The additional functions that do so much calculating with the scenarios that the app offers, has needed testing and feedback from an initial 10 testers.  This has been increased to a new batch of 10, so we have 20 testers at the moment, testing the app before we submit to iTunes.

Screen shot for Ask Simon Drivers Hours ToolWe can’t thank the people that have submitted the feedback to us, as this is invaluable for final delivery of the product.  Some have offered support and then not downloaded the app’ and this is a shame as we needed the support of everyone, that may have an input or influence to help us.  We really do appreciate all the support that the testers are giving us and we will be mentioning them on the credits of the app’.

We have made the submission of faults and suggestions easier with the development version;  We have added a temporary “Submit Feedback” button on the app’s home screen, so that faults and suggestions can be fed back when the driver finds them (and has stopped driving of course)

The developers have been struggling with the mapping function as this drains the battery, but we have moved to an alternative method and hoped this helps with the battery life issue.  Again, feedback has been invaluable with this.

So, look out for the development news on this blog or sign up to know when this is out on iTunes for your iPhone here or contact us for more information here and yes – we are getting excited!