Drivers hours app offering you best scenario suggestions.

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I have gone for testing this app in a big way by actually getting in a truck, in full time employment with a Felixstowe based container delivery company.  I am able to earn a wage driving the truck while really putting the app through its paces and trying to trip it up.  The company is a really nice company and I can see it working long term too.

While we did send the beta version out to ten testers in mid 2013, the return of information from them was not very consistent and many fell away within a short space of time.  A few dedicated people  did send back some very important feedback but soon became frustrated with the many niggling issues that the app’ still had.  So, I am out on the road myself in a real scenario to prove it’s worth and able to test it fully for re-release to the testers in a more solid state.  A couple of other drivers are also running with the app’ and I must say it’s been very handy indeed – even for me with limited knowledge to have a solid state logging system beside me.  I must thank Tom B and Matt H for their ongoing support and results, frustration and open honesty at times!

So if you’re a haulage company who is an existing customer of mine with one of my websites and see any tweets and updates about me delivering containers all over the south, don’t worry I am still making the websites and supporting my existing customers, but earning a wage while developing my app at the same time!

Thanks for reading and your interest in the app’ to follow me personally on Twitter @proctorandy or the app account for Ask Simon and watch for it on iTunes in a few months.  I will of course update my blog in a few weeks when the full weekly and fortnightly testing has been proven.

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In the next 48 hours, 10 drivers and 4 office staff from the haulage industry will begin to test the new app for UK HGV drivers that are required to adhere to the UK tachograph rules.  The app will be tested for 2 weeks to prove the daily rest, weekly rest, twice weekly allowance and much more.  The app has some great features and a few that  cannot be replicated without the amazing coding, understanding and testing that has gone in to this app.

Ask Simon Screen Shot

The New Look Layout

The Ask Simon app can give you a list of scenarios to work with for your day, based on the remaining duty you have left and what would be most efficient for your time.  These have been tested, proven, broken and fixed many times over to get the Ask Simon app to the place it is today.  It’s more than just a tachograph counter and timer, it’s a real tool that does the job of the person Andy used to phone when he was in a truck, needing help with the law.  Now that Simon is not around any more, this app had to be developed and stands as great testament to Simon’s knowledge.

The development spans 915 files and nearly a half a million lines of coding with many developers with their own specific tasks all knitted together by some very clever methods to give us the app that a selected few have had access to.  We are very proud of what has been achieved and looking forward to the feedback from the Beta testers and their findings, suggestions and any faults before we release this.

If you want to know more, please like our Facebook Page at the bottom of our website or follow us on Twitter.  We will be publishing the URL for purchasing this app for the UK haulage driver soon and hope will you enjoy the rewards of the latest tool for you – the UK truck driver.  Thanks for reading this blog and so register here if you would like to be notified when this app is released.





Yes, it’s on its way, the iPhone app for truck drivers in the UK.  I am sitting at my desk, waiting for the team to arrive this morning to start the development of the Ask Simon Haulage Support iPhone app for the UK truck drivers on the iPhone.  This tool, will initially come out on the iPhone, going out on Android in Q3 of 2013.

Today is our first development meeting after around a year of securing the right partners for the venture.  The actual release date has been set for the 12th December, if there are no changes and alterations.  Our iPhone developers are keen to see the UK truck drivers app succeed and we are sure the truck drivers community of Britain will make sure we are kept informed of its function, use, benefits and quirks.

If you would like to be a developing test partner, please email us why you would be of use to the project and why you would be interested in the Ask Simon Haulage Support iPhone app.