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Yes, it’s on its way, the iPhone app for truck drivers in the UK.  I am sitting at my desk, waiting for the team to arrive this morning to start the development of the Ask Simon Haulage Support iPhone app for the UK truck drivers on the iPhone.  This tool, will initially come out on the iPhone, going out on Android in Q3 of 2013.

Today is our first development meeting after around a year of securing the right partners for the venture.  The actual release date has been set for the 12th December, if there are no changes and alterations.  Our iPhone developers are keen to see the UK truck drivers app succeed and we are sure the truck drivers community of Britain will make sure we are kept informed of its function, use, benefits and quirks.

If you would like to be a developing test partner, please email us why you would be of use to the project and why you would be interested in the Ask Simon Haulage Support iPhone app.


We have been asked “when the app will be coming out?”.  The simple answer is around December of 2013.

We know that we have to get it right and we are doing just that.  There is a need for the app for sure and there is nothing else like it, but as you can image this app is going to cost as much as most trucks, so we need to get it right.

Ben looking at an iPhone app on the dashThe Haulage Support iPhone app has to be the best, from the start, for all UK truck drivers to ensure a return on our investment.  We need the app to be able to do good for lorry and bus drivers, adding value to the product and this is exactly what we are going to do. We intend to have a corporate social responsibility with the app, providing funding for a haulage related support incentive and this will be released with the app.

If you are a UK truck or bus driver then this app on iPhone and Android is made for you and will aid you the driver, as well as supporting a worthy initiative that you can get involved in.


The best way to find out about releases and free tokens for testing our app is -