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This week sees the implementation of design for the Ask Simon haulage app and the basic user testing of that design.

Bottom Right of the iPhone app Ask SimonWe have the mobile and backed designs and presentations tomorrow afternoon and of course this is very exciting.  We all get to see Andy’s designs become a live app on an iPhone screen.  We get to see the navigation, flow and the images as they should be on the app.

We contacted the media last week and pre-excited them about the app and as soon as we have the visuals confirmed, we will be sending out a press release to the relevant and chosen organisations and groups.  We can then, on the 12th, start the basic user testing of the approved design.  We are going to be sent a developer access to our own iPhones that will be testing the app as it will not be out on iTunes until it is submitted properly in it’s final form.


If you would like to be a user ‘test driver’ then please email Andy with why you feel you would be a good person for us to release the app to.  Email and we will see if your email gives us warrant as an authority to give us feedback as to the good and bad points about the app.